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Calendar Guys

The Story

Our Hot Peppers WI is so proud of this calendar.

We are based in a beautiful town called Upton upon Severn in Worcestershire, England. Our community is small and involved and our WI has such huge support from our partners, our husbands and our dads!


They often get up early to help us set up events and allow us to commandeer their garages and sheds with all our festival fundraising catering equipment (we give them ALOT of cake as recompense!) and so we thought we'd honour them with this Calendar. 

When we first mooted the idea of a calendar it came to light that one of the 'Hot Peppers' husbands was being treated for cancer. Despite this he happily involved himself and ended up having his photo taken. He commented that his care had been so fantastic at our local surgery so this of course lead to us deciding to support them by donating the proceeds to The Friends of Upton Surgery' which raises funds for equipment that will directly benefit the people of our town. 

We are incredibly proud of our 'men' and they in turn are incredibly proud of us. 

WI is now over 100 years old and it is diverse, exciting, funny, brilliant, supportive, inspiring and wonderful! We are an eclectic bunch of women of all ages from all back grounds laughing our socks off at this unbelievable turn of events from one little calendar! 


Media & Publicity

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